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An important feature of social bookmarking systems is tagging. Tagging allows users to organize their bookmarks in a flexible way and buy instagram accounts bulk develop common vocabularies known as folksonomies. In addition, this category includes social site news, websites such as that allow the user to read, vote and comment on current news articles. Collaborative projects are generally one of the most important categories of Social Media, Since they tend to become the main source of information for consumers. Kaplan& Heinlein. The main objective of these communities is buy instagram pva to create and share content such as image and video files, while allowing users to comment on them. In content communities, users are not required to create a profile Kaplan& Heinlein.

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Blogs represent the earliest form of Social Media OECD, and according to it is a form of an on-line magazine. In fact, blogs are web sites that are often updated by text entries such as views, information, personal calendar entries generated by users. It is essentially a communication platform where the voice of a writer tries to reach the ears. Blogs are usually managed by one person but provide the ability to interact with others by adding observations Kaplan& Heinlein,. Many companies worldwide, such as General Motors, maintain blogs to inform employees, customers and shareholders about important issues, but also to improve their transparency.

In addition to the positive effect a corporate blog may have, the other side of the currency is not absent in their article Complaining to the masses: The role of protest framing in customer-created complaint web sites emphasizes that a blog buy instagram accounts bulk can be the step for some dissatisfied or frustrated customers from a company's services Participate in virtual complaints within blogs, which should be addressed by an appropriate team to respond to such unfavorable publications. The existence of a corporate blog also gives freedom of expression to its employees, which often harbors negative comments about the company and their employer Kaplan& Heinlein. The most popular blogs today are Blogger and Twitter.

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The most representative examples of this category are YouTube, which allows video sharing, Flickr on photos, as well as Pinterest, the latest addition to the family of photo sharing websites, and is known to have an enormous resonance with the assets of. million users Worldwide and finally the slide share containing power point presentations.Because of the huge impact they have on the audience over million of videos watched a day on YouTube, these pages are an effective communication channel for businesses with consumers. The negative side of the case is that illegal content that is copyrighted is often published on these pages Kaplan& Heinlein,. Social pages are, according to Won Kim& al, websites that allow the user to form On-line communities and share content UGC within them. They are virtual communities Murray& Waller, where within them the user has the ability to see more interact with friends or join groups of common interests by initially creating a profile with personal information.

The most popular social networks are Facebook and My space. They are the most widespread form of Social Media and historically existed from other forms of social media. The Classmates.Com and pages are the first official social networking sites that appeared in and respectively. The virtual worlds are platforms that recreate a three-dimensional environment in which Users can appear in the form of personalized images and interact with each other as they would in real life. They are the ultimate manifesto of Social Media since they provide the highest level of social presence through extremely sophisticated technological capabilities Kaplan& Heinlein. Which is in the micro blogging category, which is based on the form of blogs, with the only difference that the size of its content is much smaller than a traditional blog.